“As a researcher studying the continuity of consciousness in the United States, I asked Glenn Bryant if he would be willing to participate as a research medium. The research conditions were such that the medium would not see or hear the voice of the sitters (those receiving the information). These are stringent parameters that many mediums would not be willing to work under. Glenn gave readings under these difficult conditions and had an extremely high degree of accuracy for all readings. He offered excellent evidential information with integrity, honesty, and compassion. I have worked with Glenn in other circumstances and know him to be a medium and gentleman of high moral and ethical standards, who brings through messages with sincerity and sensitivity. He understands the potential for healing when one receives messages from loved ones who have passed, and he strives to meet those needs. I highly recommend Glenn as an excellent medium.”

Gay, USA

“I was fortunate to have Glenn (& Dagmar) Bryant teach psychic mediumship at my center in Los Angeles, California, USA. I have had other psychic mediums into the center to do group readings, but none as successful as Glenn. I attended the psychic mediumship class and was greatly impressed with the clarity, the knowledge, the professionalism and the kindness during the teachings. There is no ego with Glenn, only authenticity of Spirit and the desire to teach how to convey the messages from the spirit world. I thank him (& Dagmar Bryant) for a great class, a wonderful group session and we are all looking forward to having the Bryants back for more spirit news.”

Patricia, USA

“Hi Glenn, I just want to express my sincere thanks for my medium reading at the psychic expo in Adelaide. Although I have had readings in the past with others and I do believe in the afterlife, I have never experienced anything like your mediumship. It was truly life changing!! I have no doubt whatsoever that you did indeed connect with my brother who has very recently passed away. You delivered the reading with such sincere compassion and with extreme accuracy, all of which was without a word from me except for my first name. Besides describing my brother perfectly, you said things that ONLY my brother would know. You also directly gave my husband’s name and details of a conversation we had a few nights prior. There are too many points to mention, as every single one of them was precisely accurate and extremely personal. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is because of you that I can now muster a smile when I think of my dear brother. I know he’s right beside me :)”

Sharon, Australia

“I had a reading from you at the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival in Sydney. You were brilliant. You contacted my dad and we both laughed through the entire reading, just as we did when he was with us. It left me with a wonderful contented feeling. Many thanks and God bless.”

Robyn, Australia

“I have a strong belief in Spirit, but having a tough time of it over the past year left me with many questions and a strong desire to have some kind of answers. Glenn was able to facilitate this through private sessions that were comforting to me. He handles the sessions with humility and compassion; and has a genuine desire to be of help and achieves this with empathy that is clearly heartfelt.”

Stewart, England

“I had a 30 minute reading with Glenn and he automatically began to converse clearly with my ex-boyfriend…..he gave very clear details about him…..without any hesitation. Glenn has the ability to deliver the message and not change it any way. He spoke about things in the way my ex would, the way I knew my ex, nothing was general…. All of this information was spot on in the way he would have been speaking to me.”

Catherine, USA

“I’ve been to many readings and my reading with you were the most accurate one I’ve ever had. I’ve always wondered about my grandma who passed away 36 years ago and she came through during my reading with you. She watches over me. It brought tears to my eyes and gave me a lot of comfort and joy. I can’t wait for my next reading!”

Ilse, Australia

“Glenn is one of the most sensitive and ethical mediums I have ever met. He has the highest integrity when he gives a message — and those messages are always powerful and uplifting. A session with him is highly recommended.”