Many people have seen me on TV (I’ve appeared regularly on Psychic TV in Australia), heard me on radio (I am a host for A1R Radio), or seen me in public (my wife Dagmar and I host our own Heavenly Vibrations roadshows, but we also appear regularly at the world’s biggest healing and New Age festivals.)  Dagmar and I are also the co-founders of the Wholebeing Wellbeing Expos in southern California.


My private clients come to see me at my office in La Habra or connect with me via phone or Skype readings.

Why do people come to me?

Most people need a little guidance in their day-to-day lives, or they want to hear from departed loved ones.


With mediumship, it’s important to understand that I cannot guarantee anyone specific will come through from the Spirit World. However, I also believe that whilst you always get what you need, this may not necessarily be exactly what you want! Spirit people are still “people.” They are still intelligent and understand what your problems are. They also want you to know that the love you shared is still alive.


Guidance with day to day issues requires psychic sensitivity. Basically, this means that I will tune into your auric field. This is the personal energy field that surrounds us and contains all of our thoughts, feelings, emotions etc. My Guides will direct me to areas that need to be discussed, or that you need direction on. I will feel certain things, based on your current situation, or energy, and advise where I feel it can be most useful.


I also offer Reiki healing for physical and mental ailments. This does not mean you do not need to see your doctor.  Reiki should be considered a complementary therapy. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.


I’m available for public and private (home) demonstrations, individual consultations, and readings, parties, lectures, investigations and TV, film and media work.


I’m also able to offer classes on meditation, Tarot, Mediumship and Psychic development as well as other subjects, in conjunction with my wife Dagmar Bryant.


I’ve worked mostly in the United Kingdom and Australia, but have also done significant work in the United States, New Zealand, and Europe working both privately, and to the public. In 2007, I ran a healing class in India, and in 2005 I organized a psychometry workshop in Karnak Temple, Egypt. I have regularly appeared on radio and Psychic TV in Australia. I’m now based in La Habra, in the eastern suburbs of Los Angeles, California.