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Like Attracts Like, and why it is especially true of energy and energy workers (or why being a jerk will attract jerks to you!)

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Have all heard of the expression “Like attracts Like”? This is so true of energy and is important to energy workers for a number of reasons. The following examples give you a clearer understanding of how to get the best from any psychic or energy worker. Hopefully, they will be doing their best to work with the prevailing energy for your benefit.


Can you judge by appearance?

What would you think if you turned up to talk to a financial advisor about your mortgage, and they were wearing ripped jeans and a sweaty T-shirt? Probably not the best impression. However, it would also say that perhaps their attitude to handling your affairs is a little less than professional. Your enthusiasm and energy would probably fall through the floor.

Having a background in banking, I have always known the impact of professional appearance. Not just to myself, but those I work with. Since the beginning of my career as a psychic medium, I still see parallels in people’s perceptions of appearance. We all still make judgments of people based upon how they present themselves in a professional context. Even though I now live and work in USA, customs and attitudes can be very relaxed, or “different”,

Since my early days of mediumship, working in Spiritualist churches in the UK, I always wore a suit and tie. I figured that Spirit people are far more likely to work with me if I showed respect to them. And the process. It seemed to work.

So next time you see a professional of any kind, let their appearance guide you to their attitude to their work. As it will affect you, and your energy.

Running late?

Ever been late for something? Of course, we all have. However, if you are running 15 minutes late for a doctor’s appointment, you would probably call them. Just to let them know so that they don’t just move on to the next appointment. If you are going to see a psychic for a private reading, your energy is being read! Yes, YOUR energy! So arriving late and flustered should really be avoided. Having an dismissive attitude will have a major effect on your energy, and a good psychic will pick that up.  Attitudes of “I don’t really care, it’s only a psychic, they can wait for me”, will diminish your experience.

Bear in mind that it will affect your reading in a negative way. Doing the “nice”, considerate thing of pulling over to call the psychic will relax you. The added benefit is that it will also change your energy in a positive way. Want to pay someone to do half a job for you? No, I thought not.


Welcome to the house of love!

My work sometimes requires me to visit someone’s house to do a “clearance”. Most of the time it is only a loved one from the Spirit World making their presence known. Whilst it is human nature to fear what we don’t understand. It is probably natural that when we don’t fully understand what is going on, we could feel unsettled. If we have a home of love, peace, and tranquillity, we can reasonably expect to attract that kind of energy. If we have a house filled with arguments, hate, and stress, well…. I think we know what kind of energy we will attract then.

Burning white sage around the home and “cleansing” the energy is called smudging. It is something we can all do, just to give our home an energetic spring-clean. It can work wonders for the feel of the home. There are many other forms of changing the energy of a building, but remember the title of this blog? Like attracts Like!

Free reading anyone?

We all love something for nothing. When I first started using my energy sensitivities, I felt awkward about asking for money for my work. I wanted to know that it was truly having a positive effect for my clients, before asking for something in return. However, in any walk of life, if you give, give, give, there is usually only one outcome. There needs to be balance in all things. We all try to work for the greater good, but when things are out of balance, the universe responds with the energy of the situation. I subsequently found that there was a distinct difference in the type of clients I attracted by offering my work free of charge, to charging an appropriate amount.

Think about it this way; if you turn up for a $5 reading, your energy will almost certainly match that energy, and will probably get a reading that is worth $5 to you. However, arriving for a $1000 reading, will mean that you are probably more excited, more energized, because you are expecting wondrous things to happen. These are obviously the extremes, and there will always be a middle ground you will probably feel drawn to. Of course, there is a line to be drawn where affordability is concerned, and I would never encourage anyone to spend beyond their means. But it is far better to save what you need for the psychic you want than to save a little and get someone you don’t want.

Remember, if you are feeling drawn to a particular psychic, there is always a good reason for it. Likewise, if you feel repelled by one, there is a good reason for that too. “Free” is all well and good, but it will also be reflected in the quality of the reading!


Glenn the ballet dancer?

No, I have never done any ballet in my life. I come from a rufty tufty background of martial arts, beer drinking, rugby playing and attending the school of hard knocks. Yes I have some rough edges. I’m sure we all do to some degree.

As a medium, the Spirit World will blend their energy with mine to prove themselves, and so if I am a nice guy, hopefully, they will talk to me.

I am not a parent, and my wife, Dagmar, who also does this work, has two grown daughters. So I am always surprised when a baby, or a daughter that has passed before their parents, comes through to me. Never having had that feeling of being a parent makes it difficult for me to fully understand the connection that has been lost. But it happens. I have always just assumed that the gentler, more feminine connections will utilize Dagmar’s experience. She says the same in reverse. She rarely gets the ex-rugby players that want to come through talking about injuries, singing and waving a beer glass around. But again, it happens.

Remember that it is our energy that they are drawn to, not our life experience. So whilst I am yet to get a message from a Rudolph Nureyev, it is not because I have never done any ballet myself.

Noisy neighbors?

Many years ago, I had the worst noisy neighbors imaginable. Lawn was never cut, garbage all over the front grass, stereos that would wake the inhabitants of the next town at 3 am, and arguments galore between the couple living there. I was at my wit’s end. I could not relax and often reached such a low that I would get my own back by taking my stereo speaker off the wall, putting it against their wall, and cranking up the worst music I could find while going out for a few hours.

Guess what happened? Right! Nothing. They were attracting that same negative energy back from me. I have no excuse, my nerves were shattered. I was young, stupid and ignorant, and don’t often admit to my failings in this.

However, being unable to work, and at the end of my tether, I decided to start sending an energy of love and peace through the wall. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do! But it worked. Within 3 months, things had settled down and they had tidied their house and put it up for sale. They moved out soon after.

So remember, Like does attract Like. But there is still room to put out positive energy in any situation and see what comes back. It might not be an overnight fix, but it sure beats the hell out of being miserable. Maybe this is where we do our growing, and learning. After all, that is why we are all here.

7 Helpful guidelines to avoid psychic jargon


Have you ever felt confused about a tarot, psychic or mediumship reading, or felt disappointed by what you received?

While there are certainly some unqualified or untrained readers out there, that doesn’t excuse a reading that you pay good money for, if it makes no sense to you. It can be hard enough finding a genuine psychic these days, but I have compiled a few terms that are often used in the “industry” to help you get the most from a psychic reading. There will always be misconceptions of what we can do.

A lot of this can be helped by us using more understandable words, jargon shouldn’t have much of a home in this work. It is important work, but also expensive, so it needs to be clear for you. Genuine psychic readings should leave you feeling uplifted, positive, and answer questions for you. We, as psychics, do not take responsibility for your choices, but we should be guiding you to your greater good.


Below is a list to help you understand what you could or should be asking for.



This is when we connect energetically with the Spirit World, offering proof of survival of the human spirit. It isn’t “I have a man with back problems by your side, do you know him?”

Much better to say “I see a man behind you who passed at 67 with a heart attack, had a strong smell of pipe tobacco around him, and was the life and soul of the party, despite a bad back. He tells me he is your father”.

We cannot choose them for you, it’s more true to say that they choose us.


This is someone who can connect to energy. Plain and simple. It doesn’t mean that they are a medium. But they can connect to the energy of a room, a piece of jewellery, a situation etc etc. Most psychics will want to help you, so asking them for a “relationship reading” doesn’t give anything away, and should be enough for a psychic to tune in to you, and know what the issue is.


My favorite of all the poorly used descriptions. The word comes from the French for Clear Seeing. As such, it can apply to a psychic reading. An example of this would be a psychic telling you that they “see that you are the tallest of 5 sisters”. Alternatively, it can apply in the mediumship sense “I see a man with a scar on his cheek and a wooden leg”. Both are uses of clairvoyance. When someone calls themselves a clairvoyant, it is really misleading and tells you that they are limiting themselves to just seeing things. They could perhaps also have clairsentience, clairgustance, clairolfactrience, clairaudience, which all refer to our other senses.


The tarot is a form of gaining extra information than what is being accessed via standard psychic techniques (blending with your energy). The tarot will give a psychic stimulation of certain aspects of situations that may not have been automatically apparent. There is immense depth and multitude of layers of information incorporated in the Tarot, but that doesn’t mean that they are all relevant. Tarot cards do not have their own intelligence, as some people think. They are signposts or tools to aid the psychic connection.

Don’t tell your psychic that you don’t like cards/psychometry/Runes etc. Since when did you tell your mechanic which spanners to use to get the job done? Let them do the job in their own way and you will get the best results!

Spirit Guides

We all have a team of helpers on the Spirit side of life guiding us toward our lessons. But they are not here to save us from tough times. We are here to learn lessons, not just have it easy. Of course, that is what we want, but we still need to experience, learn and grow.

They are guides because they have been down here many times. As such, their identities are somewhat irrelevant, but they will still present themselves in a way in which we might recognize, or think of as “wise” or “all knowing”.

Fortune Telling

Another one of my favorites. If our future was all set up in advance, and there was nothing we could do to change it, well, we wouldn’t bother doing anything positive, constructive, or helpful to others. We would just throw our hands up and say “ahh well, it was meant to be”. There would be no point to anything.

My belief is that the major components in our life are arranged in advance. For example, who we marry, how many children we have, what kind of work we do etc. etc. The rest of that framework is what we build our lives around. However, if we choose to drink a bottle of vodka every day, there is a likely outcome, and you probably don’t even need to be psychic to know it.

I believe that the future is not set in stone, and we have free will and free choice to make our lives what we want. A psychic will tune in to what the likely outcome in any given area of your life will be. This is based on your prevailing energy at the time of the reading. But you still have power to change your life!

That new job/partner/life is out there, but often we have to do something to achieve it. How many times does life throw something into your lap, without you ever having to lift a finger for it?

General Reading

Do you go to your GP and ask him for a “general”? Probably not. So why would you think of other therapists in the same way? We are not here to entertain you with what we know about you, spouting all sorts of mystical garbage that gets your attention. As stated above, most psychics want to help you, and given the cost, isn’t it easier to get to the point? Just say that you want a psychic reading if you want help with the day to day stuff. But give the psychic an idea of what to look at. It gives us a focus and helps us be the specific, accurate psychic that you probably want.


I hope that helps give some clarity but feel free to contact me directly if you would like to know what I can achieve for you, and what your life could be through a psychic/mediumship reading.

Are you afraid of bumps in the night?


Recently, while I was working at a psychic expo offering private 121’s, I overheard a couple talking about having readings. The guy said that he didn’t want a psychic reading because he didn’t want to hear bad news. This didn’t actually surprise me. But it got me thinking about the work that is done in the name of a “psychic reading”.

Ok, I accept that not every “psychic” has their clients’ best intentions at heart. But shouldn’t they be at least trying to assuage fear, negativity and darkness? Surely the work is supposed bring about positive results?

I have always believed that making a psychic connection to someone’s energy is done for good. To guide, and assist them to their greatest happiness, as long as it is in line with their highest good. Equally, a mediumship connection should be done to offer healing on some level. We are being trusted to look into someone’s life challenges. So shouldn’t we, as compassionate human beings, be showing understanding and trying to help where we can?

Often the fear comes from predictions. But why would anyone be afraid? We know that the future is not set in stone. As free thinkers, humans always have free will and free choice. What psychics do is look at the likely outcome, based upon the prevailing energy of the client at that time. For example, if you are drinking whiskey for breakfast, the likely outcome is that you will get sick. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot become a super-fit athlete tomorrow, and change your ways. However, if you must give your power of freedom of choice away to a psychic, there’s no guarantee they have your best interests at heart, and you may find yourself going down a road in life that does not serve you.

So where does the fear come from? Well, I know that when I struggle to make a connection, I will tell my client, and end the reading without charge. However, those with less than the highest intentions can stretch a reading out, or even worse, use fear to grab your attention.

I have personally dealt with clients who have been told horror stories under the guise of psychic predictions as follows –

  • Your daughter will be raped at age 18.

  • You will die at age 48 with a heart attack.

  • Your wife will discover an affair you have and divorce you later in life.

Absolutely heartbreaking stories that have controlled and paralyzed people through fear for years of their lives. The power of belief is a very strong one, especially if they seem to be reading things about you accurately.

The belief that bad things are coming is a crippling fear, and even worse, a self-fulfilling prophecy could be the result. For example, if you fully believe that you will get cancer at age 60, that energy of belief will surround you, and can make it happen. When you were never even going to get it in the first place!

I am the first to admit that sometimes, we cannot connect, and it doesn’t work. But what possible positive can come from knowing bad things are coming? It’s not like you can avoid them if a psychic warns you that it will happen anyway! Even if we felt something bad, what positive can come from warning someone about it? So if a psychic is not connecting with you for your highest good, walk away.

Obviously, the couple I overheard at the expo had been influenced to a degree by what they have seen on TV, in films, books etc. as well. Not to mention what family, friends and others have told them about such connections.

Hollywood has a lot to answer for!

Now we move to mediumship – TALKING TO THE DEAD!

Have you heard of the expression “like attracts like”? It is particularly true of energy. When a medium works for the highest and best of reasons, it is always best to set an energy of love, light and truth around their work. This will encourage those of your passed over loved ones, that resonate with that kind of energy, to connect with the medium.

What could possibly be scary about that?

Aside from providing proof of the continuation of the human spirit, there is a responsibility on the medium to give the information in a compassionate, healing, understanding way. However, the spotlight of being seen in public can soon turn into limelight for some, and the need for delicacy can be lost. A medium needs to understand that they are playing with people’s lives, but also there may be people in an audience that are watching mediumship for the first time. As such, they need to show it in its best light.

Talking about Uncle Henry’s gambling addiction, criminal record, potty mouth or wind problems may come across as funny sometimes, but there are ways and means of getting the information across in such a way that it doesn’t cause the recipient embarrassment, awkwardness or pressure.

Connecting with someone’s mother and letting the daughter know that Mum still loves them and remembers that last kiss on the temple, or reconnecting a mother with her baby that passed over, and passing on that they are being looked after and loved, can be a tremendously humbling experience for all. Something that surpasses words.

In my mind, psychic and mediumship connections are supposed to uplift, guide, inspire and bring positivity for the client. Healing and love are at the center of it.

There should be no room for fear in this work!

If you’d like to experience how I work, then please see my events list for where I will over the next few months. Or, you can book an appointment with me by contacting me here.

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Fake Psychics – 4 Ways to avoid being ripped off

fake psychics

People want, and often need, the services of a psychic and/or medium.It’s quite natural for some to be intimidated by the fear of the bad ones and being ripped off. Often, to the point of branding all of us as charlatans. But what advice can we realistically use?

I recently spotted a Facebook post by a psychic friend of mine in New Jersey about another “psychic”. They tried to scam a client out of thousands of dollars. Having worked in this industry for many years, I wanted to offer some advice on this level.

In the story, a recently-departed loved one apparently had been taken into some kind of negative state or place. They needed releasing before they could enter “heaven”.  Apparently, this psychic could facilitate this if the client came back several times with many thousands of dollars.

To some, this may smack of gullibility.  But there are a couple of important points that should perhaps be considered here.

Firstly, just about everybody on the planet has a different perspective on what the afterlife might be like.  As such, they will have different beliefs. For what it’s worth, my belief is that an “adjustment period” is required upon returning there from the physical plane.  Then, once we have acclimatized, we can look at what we were down here to learn/experience.  This process is required to help us, as souls, to grow on the Spiritual plane.  As such, life is designed to have difficulties and challenges.

We are reverting to energetic form, and so a psychic should be reading that energy, in order to help a client.  It may be the energy of a situation that requires attention for example career/relationships etc.  However, when working as a medium, they should be blending their energy with that of the Spirit person to provide proof that life goes on after the “death” of the physical body, and pass on any messages.

Most of the people I have worked with fall into the category of healers.  We are there to help, guide, and provide inspiration, to give the client what they need for their greater good. Now we know that this is a service that people can and do pay for, as there is a need for balance in all things. However, this also brings those that do not have a client’s greatest needs in mind. They will be focused on the money and attention they receive.

So here are some warning signs to look for when you consider seeing a “psychic”.

  • Asking too many questions. When you go to a psychic, you are looking for help with something. By saying that you want a relationship reading for example, this does not tell the psychic whether you are in one, or what any issues may be. Any half decent psychic though should be able to tune into the situation, to give you what you need to hear. It may not be what you WANT to hear, but that’s what you have asked for. If you don’t want to know, don’t ask! But if a psychic asks more than a couple of questions, be very wary! As a reader of people’s energy, I have learned that it is remarkably easy to read non-verbal responses. But as a responsible psychic, I have to trust the energy I am feeling, not the physical signs. I don’t usually need to ask questions.


  • Making too many predictions. Why would you believe anything anyone says to you? In normal circumstances, e.g. with friends, you would hope that they are trying to help you. But when a psychic tells you something will happen in the future, they probably don’t know you, so you naturally hope for some great things ahead. This is based upon your energy that day. But you naturally need validation that this stranger is indeed reading your energy properly. If they accurately pick up that you are drinking a bottle of whiskey every day, then you can probably believe them when they say that health problems are just around the corner. I personally believe that the future is NOT set in stone. I believe that we have free will and free choice to make any decision we want to. There is naturally very little validation in making predictions, so if a psychic tells you that tall dark stranger is coming, it’s vital that they have proved that they are reading your energy properly first. Perhaps you like tall, dark, strange people!

There is also a huge danger of any prediction having a negative impact upon your life. Bad “psychics” will make predictions without giving you proof first. They will also use fear to get your attention. Given that we can get it wrong sometimes (and I am the first one to admit this!), what possible reason would a psychic have for making negative predictions? Only one. Because those that do this are NOT looking to guide, empower, uplift or encourage that client. I personally have worked for clients who have been told horror stories about daughters being raped, wives leaving, deaths etc. etc. the list goes on, and it is heartbreaking because that belief has destroyed their ability to control their lives.


  • Having no humility. Having worked on live national TV myself, I have come across “psychics” that desperately want to be seen, worshipped and adulated for being so “gifted”. I personally feel tremendously humbled by being able to help others with my work. When I think that I have so much power to help others, it brings it home that there is a bigger reason for our existence than just this physical life. When I see “psychics” get up on stage or TV, prancing and seeking attention, it tells you that they are there because they want to be seen. But what does that tell you about their attitude to the work and the quality of it.


  • No proof. Similar to the previous examples, look for evidence of them reading the energy properly.

I witnessed this following discourse during a “mediumship” demonstration recently –

Psychic (looking at a young lady in the audience) – “I have a man here, who used to be a train driver. Do you know him?”

Lady – “No, I don’t know anyone who used to drive trains”

Psychic – “Oh well, it must be the Spirit World telling you that wheels are turning for you. OK, now moving on…..”


There is a structure for delivering a message in a reading, known by the acronym CERT. The C stands for Communicator. This means that the medium needs to give a reasonable description of who is communicating from the Spirit World.  A minimum that one should be expecting is physical description, approximate age at passing, method of passing and relationship to the client. I grant that we all work differently but you should be able to tell your grandmother from the many other grey-haired old ladies on the other side.  If that proof is provided first, then you can reasonably accept what else comes with it.


I will also grant that there are some very skillful individuals out there who can appear to know all sorts of amazing things about you.  Even genuine psychics can offer amazing evidence of their reading of your energy.  But that doesn’t mean that they have “spirituality” too.  They may not have your best interests at heart! This work is not about entertaining you with what we know, it’s about helping you with your life.

My advice to anyone looking for help and guidance – Trust your gut!  If it doesn’t feel right, walk away.  A real psychic will know when it’s not working, probably within 5 to 10 minutes, and won’t be surprised that you know it too. A fake psychic will try to extend the reading, making things fit. It’s still ok to say “I don’t think it’s working properly, can we end the reading now?” True psychics will understand this, and accept it as truth! Truth after all, (as well as love and healing) is the kind of energy that the genuine light workers want to work in.

If you’d like to experience how I work, then please see my events list for where I will over the next few months. Or, you can book an appointment with me by contacting me here.

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Spirit Guides – Who they are and what they can do for you

spirit guides

I recently visited a psychic fair and was intrigued by a lady who had a stall painting beautiful pictures of what were claimed to be people’s Spirit Guides.


A lot of her patrons seemed very impressed at the pictures being produced, but as the day passed, I confess to having had some reservations. Especially because a lot of the pictures seemed to be old Chinese men or Native Americans.

Guides are guides primarily because they have been down here to the Earth plane many times over. So they may well have actually been an old Chinese monk called Mr. Chan in one incarnation. But they may have also been a bricklayer called Charlie in another. But I never saw any guides being drawn that looked like bricklayers.


Maybe it’s my own natural cynicism, but I did feel a little dubious, especially as people were being charged for this service with apparently little way of validating what was being provided. Maybe the messages that came with the pictures resonated with the clients, which would explain why they seemed so happy. I did see a lot of healing and enlightenment taking place though.


Over the years, I have actually seen some great mediumship, linked to beautiful Spirit art being produced. This is where a medium produces pictures of the Spirit person that is connecting with them. These can be validated by the recipient of any messages. But with guides, we naturally need a little more convincing.

Spirit Guides do have to show themselves in one form or another, in your meditations, or anyone connecting with them. They will normally do so in a way that you would naturally associate with being wise, enlightened or spiritual. Most of the time, this is just so that we will take notice of what they are saying. If in your rational mind, you see old Chinese people as wise, then Mr. Chan can perhaps be believed.


However, we actually have a team of helpers, or Spirit Guides, who come in and out of our lives at different times to help us. Like school, we don’t get the same teacher for every subject. They all have something to offer. Kindergarten teachers probably don’t have much to offer us in senior school, so we get teachers who can teach what it is that we need to learn.

Life is hard, yes, that’s the truth of it! We are here to learn lessons and go through experiences to help us develop on that bigger, more spiritual, evolutionary scale. Life sure isn’t a bed of roses all day, every day. That’s the point though! It’s how we react, think, behave that is important. Our guides aren’t there to steer us clear of trouble. Its easier to think of them as being more likely to be guiding us towards it, or at least, to our learning points in life. Good or bad. If life was easy, and we knew the answers to everything, we would not grow, evolve, or learn anything.


Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters, Angels and other non-earthly entities are intriguing. The way my guide puts it, they all do more or less the same job. “There is no hierarchy up here, That is a concept of the physical world, and it makes no difference to what you are here to learn”. Inspiration will come in different ways by different entities; regular human souls, and those that have evolved further.


For most of us, it is difficult to trust in those little voices we hear from time to time. However, as my guide “One” (incidentally, and this is where I laugh at myself, he represents himself to me as an old Chinese man!) once said, “When you put yourself into a different energy or mindset or allow your sub-conscious mind room to expand, you are making yourself available to us and our inspiration. If the inspiration comes when you are driving, shopping, or just getting on with your daily life, and your conscious mind is most prominent, it is more likely to be your own imagination”.


The point of all of this is that if we want to connect with our guides, for guidance or inspiration, or others that look over us, an open mind is essential. Don’t go looking for specific signs, but be open to how love and guidance can be shown in a myriad of ways. There is usually a bigger picture that we may not be aware of. But also, do be demanding. If you are expected to believe something someone says, get validation that they are tuned in! After all, some “psychics” don’t have your best interests at heart.


And for the record, the name “One” came up when I asked him what name I could call him by. His response – “I am here to bring simplicity to you. You can call me “One”, as in the number One”! Simplicity indeed!


If you would like to meet your Spirit Guides yourself, here is a very simple meditation exercise below to help you do just that –

Its good to make arrangements for a minimum of 15 minutes peace and quiet in your day. Send up your thoughts that you would like to meet your guides when you do the meditation. Turn off the phone and TV, relax into a comfortable chair where you know you will not be disturbed. Best to keep your spine straight, and your feet flat on the floor. Close your eyes, and concentrate on your breath. Allow your breath in through your nose, and out through your mouth as long as it is comfortable.

Often, normal thoughts of the day waft in and out of your mind, acknowledge them and then let them go. If you lose track or concentration, bring your attention back to your breathing. After a while, you will feel much more relaxed, and able to let the subtle energies of the universe work their magic. Visualize in your mind a peaceful, safe, beautiful setting with somewhere to sit down. It may even be somewhere you know. Visit this place and take a seat.

Again, send your thoughts to your guides, saying that you are now ready for love to build that connection between you and the Spirit realms. Before long, you should sense somebody approaching. You may find that the first few times you try, that it is a loved one that steps forward. This is quite normal because they are trying to establish the pathway.
Once you are comfortable with the Spirit World approaching you in this way, it won’t be quite so strange when someone different, ie. your guides, come along. After awhile, you will feel instinctively that your time together is coming to an end. Always thank your visitors for connecting with you, and gradually bring your mind back to the seat you are sitting on, the room you are in, and gradually becoming awake again. Gently open your eyes, wiggle your fingers and toes, and rejoin the planet.

If you’d like to experience how I work, then please see my events list for where I will over the next few months. Or, you can book an appointment with me by contacting me here.


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Psychic Predictions – Why they (usually) don’t work

psychic predictions

Ever been to a psychic and been given a prediction or “told your fortune”? Only to find that lottery win is still elusive, and George Clooney hasn’t beaten a path to your door yet?

Well, here’s the scoop on psychic predictions.

When a psychic gives a prediction, they are usually giving the likely outcome in a situation, based upon your energy as it is right now. Without any guarantee! Or they are just making it up, because there’s no way of proving or validating predictions. The proverbial tall dark stranger may be coming, but probably not if you are only interested in short blond men.

The validation, or proof would be by the psychic “getting” that you like tall, dark, strange men! As we all know energy has a way of changing, and that makes any prediction less likely to emerge, the more time that goes by. If you decide to go and live in the woods tomorrow, this will naturally have an effect on your energy. This will make it so much harder for George to reach you. But there is a big difference between guaranteed outcomes, and likely outcomes.


It is so easy for people to give up any responsibility for their lives. Just by sitting back and waiting for that big lotto win, because a psychic told them so. They can now go tell their boss where to shove his job! But look at the impact of that decision, if you were to follow the above advice, and the lotto win didn’t happen!

Now if you are drinking a bottle of whiskey every day, my not-so-psychic prediction is that you will have health problems in coming years, possibly around the liver. Of course this is the likely outcome only. You can still decide to give up drinking and become a superstar athlete tomorrow

OK, OK it’s a light-hearted look at this, but is there a serious side to giving a prediction? I think so. I believe that we all have free will and free choice to make decisions in our lives. As such, the future is not predetermined. But I also believe that some of the fundamental aspects of our lives are. For example, who we marry, how many kids we have etc. Or what kind of work we are going to have at any given time, these are actually set up in advance.

Mainly because we come down here from the Spirit World to learn lessons. These lessons help us progress on the bigger, more spiritual plane, to learn and grow. These fundamentals help us create the life that facilitates those lessons. Our guides will help us on to that course. Especially to find those major influences on our lifestyle, whether we know it or not.

Now I also firmly believe that there are very sensitive people out there who can connect with their guides differently. In such a way, as to get foreknowledge of world tragedies and other, closer-to-home events. Everyone’s guides will know what they need to learn. Thus by giving information to a psychic about what is coming for that client, they can be prepared for it.

On the bigger scale, in the case of a forthcoming major world catastrophe, for example. That particularly sensitive person may want to be ready for the healing, remote or otherwise, that would be required of them. There would obviously have to be good reason why they are given this knowledge.


So by asking what a psychic sees in your future, you need to be careful. You are really giving away your own power to someone who may not have your best interests at heart. If they say you are going to meet and marry George Clooney, great. But it will happen whether or not the psychic says so.

But by rejecting Brad Pitt, Richard Gere and Tom Cruise along the way, just because you are waiting for George, you are seriously limiting your potential for happiness, especially if the psychic is out by one word. It could be Geoff Clooney, the garbage man who lives down the street! And you have just missed out on Brad, Richard and Tom!

On the other hand, dire warning of negative events have consequences. If you choose to believe them, all you produce is worry, and we know the potential of self-fulfilling prophecies. If you whole-heartedly believe something bad will happen, you are setting that energy around yourself, and voila! Guess what happens! This obviously has two sides, positive expectations, and negative expectations.

This is also where the power of a curse lies. If you believe you have been cursed, you are actually absolving yourself of any responsibility for your life. Believing that life is a reflection of what you have invested is a much healthier way of looking at things.


On the subject of health, I was once asked by a client for a health reading. When I said I got nothing wrong with her, she said “Oh there isn’t, I just wanted to know what illnesses I was going to get in the future”. Now let us think about that for one moment. This was at a psychic expo, so she could have picked anyone for her reading.

I said I wouldn’t read for her, and she probably wouldnt find anyone that would on those terms. But the potential for damaging statements and destroyed lives are limitless in this situation. I am the first to admit that psychic sensitivity isn’t a clear science. We can, and sometimes do, get it wrong!

The best way of predicting the future is by creating it yourself! For anyone interested, I believe George Clooney may be happily married now, just in case you wondered…..


Psychic ability – Gift or inherent ability?

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psychic gifts

In 2014 I went to see American Psychic Medium John Edward perform a demonstration of mediumship in Melbourne, Australia.

He said in his introduction, that he doesn’t consider himself to have a gift. His work was a result of his sensitivity. He also speculated that if his abilities were a “gift”, then does that mean that God has smiled upon him. Somehow endowing him with something that few others deserve? He suggested that if this was the case then he had somehow done something that sets himself apart from other humans. To some, maybe he does just that with his work, but this wasn’t the point.


My belief is that everybody, yes everybody, has a sensitivity to energy!

At different points in our lives, we have all walked into a room and felt that an argument has just ended. We have all been thinking of someone and then suddenly the phone rings, and it is that person calling. We have probably all said something aloud, and someone has replied with “I was just thinking/about to say that”. To me, this is exactly the point. This is reading energy of a room, or person, whether or not we are aware that we are doing it. This is being Psychic!

Some are born like Tiger Woods or Mozart with their sensitivity, Whereas others can struggle to develop that sense even with a lot of training. The vast majority of us are somewhere in the middle somewhere. We have to train to develop our built-in sensitivity to a point where it can be of help.

However, I do believe that the true gift is in knowing how and when to use it. Anyone can say that they know something about somebody else on a psychic level, and it is likely to be true. We have all seen enough wishy-washy psychics who can do this. But the challenge comes in knowing how it can help that person. For example, if a person is being advised to quit drinking/smoking/gambling, there is a key skill in delivering that message. Sometimes, we need to have experienced life enough to know how to delicately say the right thing.

I have seen some psychics and mediums (mostly in churches or public demonstrations) lacking any “feeling”. Like they are reading a list of things they know about their recipient. Not demonstrating their ability to deliver a meaningful message with compassion and understanding.

I, personally, have had to deliver messages to grieving mothers from recently lost babies. This can be one of the most difficult situations I have had to face. It is far from easy, especially as I am not even a father myself. But it can still be done with sensitivity, understanding, and compassion. All of which I have had to learn. These skills don’t come naturally.


One of my early experiences of my psychic sensitivity was as a young, rugby-playing, rough-around-the-edges, beer-drinking man. I had started developing my psychic sensitivities and didn’t know the importance of integrity. Knowing when to be on or off or how to give messages properly is essential. One night, many years ago, I was out on the town with my rugby buddies. I had had a few too many beers and was talking to one particularly tough guy from the team. Because I was relaxed (through overuse of alcohol), my chakras (or energy centers) were open and picking up on things without any control from me.

I was aware of this guy’s niece who had passed over at the age of 7, who was standing next to him. When I told him, there was a lot of tears, emotion and I had to stop myself from giving any further information. He was very upset and didn’t really understand what mediumship was all about, and he certainly didn’t want to hear about it there and then!

This experience taught me that the process needs much more respect than I was showing. Surely, this young lady and my buddy deserved more than to give her message from a drunk friend in a pub.
I realized very quickly that if I was to do this work in the best ways possible, I would have to learn discipline, not be open to everyone and everything, and show more respect to all involved.


When I hear stories of people who give messages on the bus, or in the supermarket, it takes me back to that night where I sprung a message on someone in an environment that didn’t merit this kind of “sensitivity”. If a psychic or medium is giving away messages in this fashion, it shows a lack of integrity. Not to mention professionalism or respect for the unsuspecting recipient, or themselves.

If a person is supposed to receive a specific message, the sender of that message will either be their guides, or a loved one that has passed over. That does not justify giving the message to someone who is not in a sensitive environment for the process. The sender should know the importance of their own message and deliver it accordingly. But humans are only human! They will still try!


In my opinion, psychic skills are a gift indeed, but not something we cannot all obtain. But the acquisition of the gift is something that comes from being compassionate, respectful and diplomatic. Something we could all learn. This is the gift, not just the sensitivity to energy.

If you’d like to experience how I work, then please see my events list for where I will over the next few months. Or, you can book an appointment with me by contacting me here.

What is it exactly that you do?

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Well, this is my first ever blog. Hopefully the first of many, so I thought I should start this off as a kind of general comment on psychics and mediums, and how they can work for you.

An interesting question was asked of me twice at recent expos. By two separate guys who had never experienced any kind of worker in this field. They both asked me “As a psychic medium, what is it exactly that you do?”

Not really a short answer, but this is how I answered “I work with energy”. I went on to explain in more detail, but it is generalized below.

As a medium, I blend my energy with that of your loved ones in the Spirit World. They come to me because they love you, and usually have messages for you. They no longer need a physical body, so their soul (or Spirit) exists in energetic form. I want to prove that they are there. Mediumship is pointless without convincing evidence and proof.

As a psychic, I blend my energy (or aura) with yours, looking at areas of your life that you specify. You wouldn’t come to me, or any other kind of therapist, asking for a “general”. You would invariably receive “general” information. Think of the reaction you would get if you asked your GP “just give me what are you getting”. Sadly, there are “psychics” who think they are there to impress you with what they know about you. This certainly does get your attention, but why waste time and energy? I have always been taught that this work is centered on healing and helping. My job is to give you advice on any given area of life. Once you know that I am tuned into your energy, you can take me seriously.

Psychics are here to help you. So asking for a Relationships or Career reading should give most psychics all they need to tune into you. Then they can advise on how you can find the best way through your challenges.

We do not make your decisions for you. Its more accurate to say that we try to guide you to your greatest happiness.

Now we all work in different ways, but I always give the above brief explanation before any reading. Just so you know what is available to you, and how I can work best for you. Generally speaking, you would tell me how you want me to work for you.
Some helpful pointers, and advice, for you if you are thinking of having a reading are as follows.
Don’t say the following, and I will explain why not –


“I want know what the future holds”

The future holds anything you want it to hold! Nothing is set in stone. A psychic can tune into the LIKELY outcome of any situation. But you have free will and free choice. By asking that question, you are giving away all power to someone who may or may not have your best interests at heart.
Especially if they are giving negative predictions. Psychics can, and do sometimes, get it wrong, and if we get it wrong with a prediction of illness or other bad news, that will only cause you unnecessary worry. Think of the impact on someone if they are told “Ooh, I feel you will get cancer at 62”. Just by giving your power and potential for a healthy life away, you may well end up with cancer at 62 just because you believed what you were told. Ever heard of self-fulfilling prophecies?
Imagine for one moment that a new partner was coming into your life. A psychic told you to look out for a man named George that you will meet on June 3rd. If you find yourself on holiday and bump into George Clooney on June 2nd, you may ignore him because you are waiting for the next day for your great new man to come into your life (Darn it, that psychic was out by one day!). What an important opportunity missed! Where predictions are concerned, be very open-minded! Much better to say, “I want to see if there’s anything I can do to improve my chances of meeting a new partner”.


“I want a mediumship reading because Mum just passed, and…….”

A medium cannot choose who comes through from the Spirit World. You have already told them that Mum is in the Spirit World, and a less-than-professional medium could use that when maybe Mum isn’t even present.
Its much better to say that you want a mediumship reading. The true medium should do the rest. I would love to be able to call up anyone I want to come through, but there is usually a reason why you need a particular message. If you don’t necessarily want to hear from someone, remember that they have made an effort to connect. Even if it is to say sorry. They are now “in the light”, so can see things a little more clearly than what they could when they were down here! Opening yourself to hear what they have to say could be the healing you need!
Look for proof though. If there is a grey haired old lady who says that she is your Grandma, and wants to say that she loves you, look for a personality or physical description of her. Look for how she passed, how old she was etc. What did she enjoy in her physical life. All good examples of evidence.
Heck, we’ve probably all got at least one grey haired lady who says that she loves us. Look for details!


“I want a relationship reading because I just broke up with……”

A good psychic only needs to hear that you want a relationship reading, and should be able to tune into your situation. It gives nothing away by asking for this.


Ok, so there’s lots of advice I could give to people seeking the kind of work I do. Unfortunately, with the proliferation of psychics and mediums out there, its difficult to know who to trust. But I say to all “Look for proof that they are connecting in to energy. Yours or those in the Spirit World.

Trust yourself far more than you trust anyone else, including psychics!”



If you’d like to experience how I work, then please see my events list for where I will over the next few months. Or, you can book an appointment with me by contacting me here.