My first impressions of the Universe were not as I was brought up to believe in my typical English household. From the age of six, I had experiences of sensing energy in places, (especially at our new home. What I was experiencing was residual energy of what had happened there previously), and wondering why I felt the way I did when there was no rational explanation. This was the beginning of experiencing the “opening” of my psychic sensitivity.


For many years, these feelings subsided, as I went about my day to day life. I just “got on” with things.


Later, while I was living/working in the USA, I started learning to meditate. I had some unusual responses to the process and felt I needed some formal guidance. When I got back home to England, I sought out a meditation group. This led me to The Maidstone Spiritual Development Centre.


Following their training, I quickly realized what was happening to me, learned how to control it, and understood that it’s completely natural. I knew I was sensitive to energy, not just of places, items, and events, but to people, both living, and those that have passed on.


I’ve since developed this ability over some years with great discipline. I’ve studied at The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain, in London, The College of Psychic Studies in London, and the Spiritualists’ National Union’s home, the Arthur Findlay College at Stansted in Essex. They all employ the best teachers from around the world.


I’ve worked under and been inspired by, some incredible and inspirational teachers, most notably Donna Stewart, Val Williams, Billy Cook, Tony Stockwell, Colin Fry and of course, my own Spirit Guides. All have taught me what a huge honor, responsibility, and privilege it is to work for those in the Spirit world.


I’m also a broadcaster, writer, teacher/demonstrator. I have appeared on national TV in Australia and the USA, been published in numerous wellbeing magazines and frequently appear publicly with my wife Dagmar Bryant giving presentations of gallery mediumship.

Plus, I’m a Reiki Master who can provide more direct, intensive healing using this recognized and respected spiritual practice.


I know there isn’t a “destination” on this pathway. The journey is the most important thing to me because I accept that I will never know all of the answers in this lifetime, I just want to learn as much as I can along the way. But I do find that with every answer comes ten more questions…