“I have had other psychic mediums into the center to do group readings, but none as successful as Glenn.”

…Although I have had readings in the past with others … I have never experienced anything like your mediumship. It was truly life changing!”

“I’ve been to many readings and my reading with you was the most accurate one I’ve ever had…”

I’m Glenn Bryant, an internationally-known English psychic-medium now living in southern California. My mission is to provide spiritual guidance, advice, and healing through my energetic sensitivities.


I have worked all over the globe, demonstrating my abilities on TV, radio and in magazines.  From England and Europe to Australia, Egypt to India, and the U.S., I’m known for giving my clients the compelling insights and healing they need to move forward in their lives.



How Am I Different?

I work in a way that removes all of the “Mystical Clothing” that many people associate with dealing with the Spirit realms. You will come away with a different view of this world: one that is clear, simple and above all, more accessible. I can also provide evidence that your loved ones on the other side are still with you.  I do this to bring you peace and healing.


Being sensitive to energy also means that I can help with the day to day challenges; relationships, career, finances etc. I cannot make decisions for you, but I can help move you towards your greater good.


I invite you to learn more about my work and to let me help you, too!