Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. - Henry Ford


Contact me now to book a reading. Call me in the USA on 562 242 8054 or visit my contact page. I offer 1-2-1 readings face to face or via phone/Skype.

My name is Glenn Bryant, I am an English psychic medium and healer living in southern California, and my aim is to provide guidance, advice and healing through my sensitivities. I am also a broadcaster, magazine columnist, Reiki master, teacher and demonstrator.

The healing mostly comes in the form of psychic guidance (by tuning into your energy to offer insight into difficult life experiences and situations), with the aim of moving you forward in your life. However, this can also come in the form of messages from our loved ones that have passed on from this life. I aim to provide proof of their continued existence and survival of the spirit after the death of the body.

I like to do it in such a way that it removes all of the “mystical clothing” that many people associate with contacting those in the Spirit realms, and what is involved with reading the energy of a person, item, situation. I believe that sensitivity to energy, be it mediumship or psychic sensitivity are natural, and available to all of us to some extent. We have just used them less and less over millennia until most of us now find that we have to train to rediscover our natural abilities.

I feel that if we know our loved ones are safe, well, and looking out for us, we can go about our lives with more love, happiness and positivity. I know they are there, I want to be able to prove that to those who might need a little help, reassurance and guidance. I am also a Reiki master and can provide more direct, intensive healing using this recognised and respected spiritual practice.

Please view the video below to learn a little more about how I work with my wife Dagmar to bring clarity and healing.